Common Structures We Can Demo


Hot Tubs



Play Grounds



Have a structure that you need to remove? SNR has got it handled! Our team is equipped with many tools to safely and effectively take down any structures listed above. Our 25 yard trucks are able to haul away the remaining debris of the demolition as-well.

Our fully licensed and insured team will be able to arrive at your property the same day or next day. We know how to safely and effectively demolish sheds, hot tubs, decks, pools, playgrounds, campers, and so much more!

Full Service Demolition

Demolition playground

Same Day Service

Our crew members are able to come out to your property as quick as the same day or next day.

Safe Demolition

We are fully licensed and insured to haul away your junk so you won't have to worry.

Simple pricing

For demolition, we charge hourly. Our crew will estimate the time it will take for the demolition to be competed and pricing can decrease in the event that the job takes less time than initially quoted. If the job takes longer than anticipated there is no need to worry because we will never charge you more than quoted.

Demolition Process

Demolition can be a very dangerous task and should not be done without the proper equipment and knowledge. There are many risks that can result in property damage or self-injury if not conducted by a professional. SNR JUNK HAULERS has demolished many sheds, hot tubs, playgrounds, decks, pools, and trailers. Our crew members are professionals who are experienced and insured to get the job done safely. 

How Everything Works:

  • You call our 24/7 631-690-0360 line.
  • We set you up with a date and a 2 hour window of time when our crew can arrive at the property.
  • We arrive at your property on time and will always give you a heads up 30 minutes prior to our arrival.
  • You show us exactly what you want to be removed and we will provide you with an exact no-obligation price upfront.
  • Once you agree to the price we will get started right then and there. If not, we will leave at no cost to you.

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