Concrete Removal


Common Heavy Recycle-able Materials





Have junk laying around taking up space? SNR has got it handled! Our heavy-duty trucks are able to haul away up to 2 yards or 5,000 pounds of heavy recycle-able materials.

Our fully licensed and insured team will be able to arrive at your property the same day or next day. When it comes to safely and effectively removing concrete, bricks, or tiles, we got it handled.

Concrete Removal Process

Concrete removal

Heavy Recycle-able Materials

We are able to remove heavy materials such as concrete, bricks, and tiles.

How It Works

We provide our best professional service and get to your property as quickly as the same day or next day. Our trucks and crew members are equipped with efficient equipment to load your heavy recycle-able materials. For pricing, we have a special bed load pricing that allows you to fill up our truck with heavy recycle-able material to the following dimensions (15ft, 7.5ft, 1/3ft).


All of the concrete, bricks, and tiles are transported and recycled safely.

Concrete Removal

Concrete removal is not something that should be taken lightly (no pun intended!). Instead of breaking your back, taking up your entire weekend, and attempting to use your own vehicle to haul this material, why not give us a call? Not only will this save your back and your weekend, but you can feel confident that your concrete removal project will be completed to perfection!

How Everything Works:

  • You call our 24/7 631-690-0360 line.
  • We set you up with a date and a 2 hour window of time when our crew can arrive at the property.
  • We arrive at your property on time and will always give you a heads up 30 minutes prior to our arrival.
  • You show us exactly what you want to be removed and we will provide you with an exact no-obligation price upfront.
  • Once you agree to the price we will get started right then and there. If not, we will leave at no cost to you.

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